Recruiting Agents of Change

scenaryDevelopment is a integral and core part of software applications. Application development complexity varies based on the platform selection. And thereby the deployment platform, time-line and cost differs.

Application Implementation is another costly affair, as the implement project plan always slips. Starting from the server delivery to network planning, deployment, software installation, integration, user acceptance etc. is classified as time consuming and complex thing. So from the inception to deployment, everything is generally unexpected.

Sea of change. Yes. Just subscribe and configure. Your application will be ready in minutes. It is transaction driven. So get your ROI instantly. Accepted Business Model is ‘Pay for what you use’

It is not a distant dream. It is available right away. Right now. Yes! we offer.

You don’t have to be an expert to become an application developer. If you are dynamic, enthusiastic, interested in learning, looking for challenges, willing to be part of growing organization, extending your arm – even from remote. We need you.

This is an opportunity for students, freshers, individuals and small business organizations who wants to enter the enterprising world. We offer the following franchisee.

  • Development Franchise
  • Dealer Franchise.

Development Franchise

Who can be part of it?

Individuals, training center owners, small software houses, internet cafe, etc. who want to engage more students, increase their opportunities can be part of this franchise.

Upon initial franchising we provide required training. Franchise will be able to provide staff/agents training for further development activities.

Dealer Franchise

Who can be part of it?

Individuals, marketing/sales persons, any product dealer/distributor offices, small business agents, etc. who want to increase their business earning potential can be part of this franchise.

While these individuals/enterprises can focus on the applications selling to their respective business domains, we provide the basic hardware/software/networking platform for the team. More the business volume will bring more customers and revenue.

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