Announcing Hospital Management System Suite

Hospital Management System is our integrated effective approach to improve various stakeholders like doctors, hospitals, clinics, labs, pharmacies  involved in bringing world class healthcare services to the needy patients cost effectively.
Vyasaka’s Medicare solutions (vya.Med) are built using open source technologies in cloud infrastructure offering best in class olutions for  hospital chains, clinics and wellness center customers. It has innovative user interface features, high reliability and available in multiple computing devices like desktop, notebooks, tablets and smart phones.
vya.Med unleashes its true potential in addressing the requirements of all types of health care units ranging from small clinics to multi-center/multi-branch hospital chains, government hospitals in remote areas, blood banks and multi-speciality diagnostic centers.
vya.Med demonstrates Cloud technologies to healthcare industry as a ‘Ready to Use’ SAAS solution. It cuts down IT cost and reduces high-maintenance expenses, providing an ‘Access Anywhere Anytime System.’ Customer can now go live on Cloud and scale out their Hospital Management in minutes instead of months.
vya.Med is a completely modular Hospital management Software and adopts modular approach and using scalable platform solutions with high availability.

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